Heat pumps are very good systems designed for subtropical climates.  In the northern region they are not used because they simply can't keep up with the colder climates.  Typically any temperature under 30 degrees causes these heat pump systems to struggle to keep up and to keep you and your family warm.

Making sure you keep your heat pump serviced is a smart choice because heat pumps run all year round compared to a gas furnace.  On furnace systems, the outside condenser does not stay on for your heat; these are completely different systems.

A couple of things that are important on a heat pump system.  Make sure your refrigerant level is at normal operating pressure (PSI).  This is extremely important especially if your system is older - 10 years plus!  If your refrigerant level is low, the heat strips will cause your bill to skyrocket!  Heat pumps work with both refrigerant and electrical heat strips to keep you warm.  That's why it is important to always keep your systems serviced and refrigerant levels checked to avoid those high electric bills.

Heat strips continuously operating is what you want to avoid at all costs!  This happens to many homeowners when the outside heat pump condenser is not operating or the refrigerant level is not at its normal operating pressure.  This causes the heat strips to turn on more frequently effecting your electric bill.  Sometimes you might see your bill double or triple in cost!

Here is some more info on heat pump systems:


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